Core Pathways Integrated Project


Over the course of this Spring 2019 semester, we will be embarking on a common Core Pathways Integrated Project. Through this project students will have the opportunity to engage with climate change work on or off campus, but outside of the context of the classroom.

Learning Goals:

Engagement: Students will be empowered to take action on the issue of climate change as students and members of the broader climate change community.

Ethics: Students will cultivate and practice implementing an ethical framework with their work on climate change and environmentalism.

Action: Students will gain practice in working through the processes of individual action and group mobilization.

Some Brainstorming Photos:

Past Events:

Core Pathways Integrative Day 1: 2/5/19

The first Integrative Day of the spring semester featured a series of speakers from Georgetown’s Environmental Sustainability Community including GU GREEN, GUFF, GEL, and Georgetown’s Office of Sustainability. In addition, we were thrilled to be joined by Dr. Victoria Herrmann.

Dr. Victoria Herrmann is the President and Managing Director of The Arctic Institute. In addition to managing the Institute and Board of Directors, her research and writing focus on climate change, community adaptation, human development, and resource economies. As a National Geographic Explorer, she led the America’s Eroding Edgesproject in 2016 and 2017. The research and storytelling project identified gaps in national assistance for coastal community adaptation to climate impacts in the US and US Territories. Her current project, Rise Up to Rising Tides, is creating an online matchmaking platform that connects pro bono experts with climate-affected communities with support from the JMK Innovation Prize. In cooperation with the Lowlander Center in Louisiana, Victoria is also leading the creation of a dialogue framework between climate-displaced coastal-bayou communities and inland-high ground receiving communities.

Core Pathways Integrative Day 2: 2/28/19

Co-Hosted by the Ethics Lab, students participated in a Moral Landscaping Exercise to provide space and time to examine their integrated projects in more depth by exploring the ways in which stakeholders in their projects will be impacted by their work. This was intended to help develop an appreciation of the justice-related Implications of climate change through moral imagination and ethical engagement as well as assist in articulating paths to action (personal and otherwise) related to climate change beyond the core curriculum.

Upcoming Events:

Core Pathways Integrative Day 3: 4/2/19

Students will be joined by Climate Scientist Kate Marvel to hear about her work with NASA around climate modeling.

Kate Marvel, is one of the world’s best-known climate scientists, is an Associate Research Scientist at NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and Columbia Engineering’s Department of Applied Physics and Mathematics. Using computer models and satellite observations, she studies the physics of clouds: a key source of uncertainty in projections of global warming. Her work has suggested that, even today, human activities are already affecting global rainfall and cloud patterns.

Marvel is committed to sharing the joy and beauty of science with wider audiences. She has advised journalists, artists and policymakers, written a popular science blog and given frequent public talks. Her writing has appeared in Nautilus Magazine, and she currently writes “Hot Planet,” a regular column for Scientific American. You can read her work at, and follow her on Twitter at @DrKateMarvel. 

Core Pathways Final Exercise: 5/10/19

Students will share out what they have worked on over the course of the semester with their peers, faculty, and partner organizations. Projects don’t need to be at a final stopping point but should be ready to be shared shared with the group.

Showcase: (Coming Soon)