Georgetown Renewable Energy and Environmental Network

Georgetown Renewable Energy and Environmental Network (GREEN)

Our goal is to create positive environmental impacts through active participation in education, advocacy and volunteering, so to benefit both Georgetown University and the community at large. We plan to achieve these goals by: promoting a clear understanding of humanity’s dependence on and responsibilities to its environment; working to directly improve the environment through volunteer work; providing a forum for students interested in actively pursuing environmental goals; and encouraging advocacy through communication with our representatives via a series of venues. We seek to promote more sustainable lifestyles on the Georgetown campus by prompting students, faculty, and staff to incorporate stewardship for the environment into the ethos of the university, and in the community at large by spreading Georgetown’s passion for the environment and communicating innovative ways of protecting and preserving our environment.

As proud Hoyas and proud environmentalists, we encourage our peers to be persons for the environment as well as persons for others. Through our direct engagement in issues from recycling to renewables and conservation to climate change, we seek to transform our eco-ideas into eco-actions.