An Anti-Climate Change Lobbyist on the News at 5

Author: Ife John-Idiagbonya

Caption: Many anti-climate change lobbyists brand themselves as experts in the field of climate change (despite having little to no background on it) while casting doubt onto scientists (that have spent years of their lives studying and researching the climate). These lobbyists use the lack of knowledge that people have about science to cast doubt on the accuracy of research done about climate change. They use various tactics and phrasing to confuse the public and to make scientists look like villains. Each argument may make some sense individually, but as they come together they begin to contradict each other and turn into an almost incoherent mess. This poem is a reflection of that.

Tags: Doubt as a Tool



If you know, you know.


“What do you know?

They could be lying to you

They are lying to you.

A conspiracy

Of what?

They don’t want you to know

I also don’t know, but

I know more than you


I took two classes

in environmental science

in my four years of college 

so I’m as good as any expert.

But you?

You don’t know anything so

I’ll tell you

It’s all fake!

A hoax!

A quack theory.

But yea,

it’s all a big conspiracy.


And you know,

there’s not even a consensus 

among scientists

whether climate change is real.

A few say one thing

Some say another

Who knows what’s the truth?

But let me tell you 

the truth:

Most scientists don’t believe

that climate change is real.

I know, I know.

It’s crazy. But 

there was this one petition

back in ’97

Over 31,000 signatures

all saying the science didn’t prove

that climate change was real.

One of them was a real famous scientist 

Charles Dickens?

Charles Darwin?

One of the two.

But either way, a real smart guy

Really knows his stuff. 

But all these scientists

can’t even agree

on whether or not climate change is real.

But yea,

They’re all working together

in a conspiracy

to overthrow democracy.


And those scientists?

They’re all dumb.

They don’t know what they’re talking about.

But they’re so clever.

They’re manipulating the public to

do their evil bidding.

They want to take over the world, and

turn everyone

into communists

and socialists

and fascists.

They’re all so calculating

They’ve got a big plan.

But yea,

They’re all too dumb to actually understand

how the planet works. 


You know

you can trust me.

I learned some science

but I don’t know the science,

cause I’m not a


climate change-believing,

lying little


but I know the truth.

But you don’t know

and they don’t know

so you should take my word for it.”

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    2022 Spring Semester, Core Pathways Gallery, Poem

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