Climate Action: Stories – 40151 – ENST 1146 – 01

Professor: Wesley Della Volla

Stories about the rising occurrences of extreme weather, looming resource scarcity, and unprecedented social upheaval spawned by climate change flood the media landscape. Often missing from these stories are the practical actions needed to change the trajectory of a climate crisis that threatens to upend the world as humans have come to know it. This course will examine a combination of mitigation and adaptation tactics that present both significant obstacles and opportunities for the innovation required to solve this pressing global issue. Through a combination of class discussions on these tactics, examples of implementation, and principles of how to encourage the will to take action, this course will use in-depth storytelling techniques for students to practice their role in creating effective strategies that lead to climate action. Students will learn how to craft and share stories that go beyond experiences of crisis and tangibly develop narrative strategies to convince governments, businesses, and communities to take action addressing climate change.

  • Categories:
    2021 Fall Semester, 2021 Spring Semester, 2022 Fall Semester, 2023 Fall Semester, ENST, Humanities
  • Spring
    Module B

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