De-Growth VS a Green New Deal

Author: Henry Silver

Current Core Pathway Course: Disability, Ethics, EcoJustice (THEO)

Context: I am afraid that I do not know where it was written. Robert Pollin professes at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and the article was published in the New Left Review in its July–August 2018 edition.

Tags: Economics

This article by the American economist Robert Pollin expatiates quite cogently on the basic distinction between degrowth and Green New Deal proposals and, a fortiori, on the practical economics of both. He lustily favors the latter for all manner of well-argued reasons. A rare bird in the economics discipline, which like most of the intellectual culture tends to be insulated from popular movements and collective action, Pollin has dedicated most of his professional career to a meticulous investigation into the economic aspects of climate change, to the economic implications of particular environmental policies (e.g., emissions trading and carbon taxation), and to what are now called Green New Deal proposals, which he advocated long before Bernard “Bernie” Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez introduced the term into mainstream political discourse.
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