Fossil Fuel Firms Linked to Trump Get Millions in Coronavirus Small Business Aid

Author: Henry Silver

Current Core Pathway Course: Disability, Ethics, EcoJustice (THEO)

Context: The author, Emily Holden, is based in Washington, D.C. The Guardian newspaper is based in London, England.

Tags: Crisis Perception and Response, Networked/Globalized World, Economics

This article succinctly describes the Trump administration’s exploitation of the COVID-19 epidemic to shovel money into the coffers of coal, oil, and gas companies. More broadly, it attests rather starkly to the parasitic dependency of the fossil fuel industry on state patronage and government intervention in the economy in gross violation of the orthodox market dogma and neoliberal pieties commonly preached by the political establishment, the mass media, the academy, supranational bodies such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization, and the corporate-financial sector.
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    Article, Crisis Perception and Response, Economics, Networked/globalized world

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