“It Will Be Ok”

Author:Hadley Trahan

Current Core Pathway Course: Rhetoric of Climate Change (ENGL)

Context: Taken in Pully, Switzerland

Tags: Community and Collaboration, Resilience and Innovation

Submission: “It Will Be Ok”

In a time characterized by apocalyptic narratives and very little social interaction, maintaining a sense of community is essential. I came across this sidewalk chalk art during my daily stroll and was immensely touched. The message reads “it will be ok,” reminding us that together, we will get through this. Considering this photograph in relation to my current module (the Rhetoric of Climate Change), I believe that global narratives should remain balanced, communicating factual updates without stripping us of hope and motivation. Amidst the doom and gloom of COVID-19 reports, we must maintain a sense of community and hold onto hope that life as we knew it will come again.
  • Categories:
    Chalk Art, Community and Collaboration, Resilience and Innovation

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