Neuroethics: Addresing and Guiding Neurotechnology-36754-ICOS-211-01

Professor: James Giordano

The development and use(s) of brain science, i.e.- new devices, information and knowledge –
often incur profound ethical, legal and social issues – both arising in the research itself, and
stemming from misuse and/or purloined application of these technologies in ways that
negatively impact public health and security.

Thus, the neuroethical, legal and social issues spawned by brain science and its technologies
will be subject to cultural effects and contextualizations, and will need to be addressed and
dealt with in ways that are internationally sensitive and responsive. It is in this light that this
course addresses the issues, questions and problems of neuroscience and technology that are
the focus, tasks and practices of the relatively new, but ever more important, necessary and
growing field of neuroethics.

This course will address and discuss the field – and practice(s) – of neuroethics, with relevance
to the ways that progress in neuroscience compels and sustains both the issues and dilemmas
that arise in and from neuroscientific and neurotechnological research and its applications, and
the importance of acknowledging and addressing the ethical basis and resolutions of such

Finally, paradigms for neuroethical, legal, and social probity, safety and surety, and a putative
“preparatory process” for international neuroethics and neuro-policy will be discussed.

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