PHYS-016: Physics of Climate Change

Professor: Rhonda Dzakpasu

What is the physics that underlies climate change? This course will take a conceptual and hands-on approach to investigating the physical processes in climate and how these processes are detected. Two major questions will inform the scope of the course:

  1. What is the greenhouse effect?
  2. How do scientists detect the effects of climate change?

To address these questions, we will study the fundamental physical phenomena of heat, energy, electricity and light. What is their role in climate change and global warming?

The course will be composed of a mixture of interactive lecture presentations and hands-on experiences. The goal is to facilitate an understanding of basic physics and how physics is used to understand the world around us.

  • Categories:
    2018 Fall Semester, 2018 Spring Semester, Environmental Sciences
  • Spring
    Module C and D

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