Who to Blame: Corporate Greed and Climate Change Denial

Author: Veronica Campanie

Caption: Despite having knowledge about the worsening impact of pollution and climate change over the past few decades, many oil and gas companies, politicians, and large corporations deny the severity of the problem. 70% of global emissions are caused by the same 100 companies, yet those companies rarely if ever are held accountable. These entities tend to push blame and responsibility onto individual people instead of admitting their role in global warming – they suggest that if people made different lifestyle choices or used less plastic, we could all “do our part” in stopping climate change. However, their part is significantly larger than that of any individual, and in fact individual actions are almost negligible compared to the large-scale impacts of corporate oil and gas pollution. We need to put the blame — and responsibility for fixing their mistakes — where it belongs: on these companies and complicit politicians.

Tags: Doubt as a Tool

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    2022 Spring Semester, Core Pathways Gallery

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