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Three Professors Walk Into A Bar

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This podcast series was made possible by the generous support of the Georgetown Environment Initiative (GEI).

Three Professors Walk into a Bar is a podcast series aimed at diving deeper into the issue of climate change. Each week, professors will explore different topics, challenges, and consequences of the global crisis. Catch up on everything our professors have to say here!

The Relationship Between Climate Change on Agriculture and Food Production

with Mark Giordano, Yuki Kato, Randall Amster

Featured on this week’s episode…

Mark Giordano

Mark Giordano is the director of Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service STIA (Science, Technology, and International Affairs) program. Previously, he was the Managing Director of the Sri Lanka based International Water Management Institute and worked under the USDA as a trade economist. Mark’s work focuses mainly on water as it relates to many of the global, environmental, and international issues we are facing today. He is a recipient of the Stockholm Water Prize (2012), one of the world’s most prestigious awards in the field of water conservation and protection.

Yuki Kato

Yuki Kato is a professor in the sociology department at Georgetown. She researches and teaches various topics on food, agriculture, and health through and urban sociologists’ lens. Her work has been published in many journals, a few of which include: Symbolic Interactions, Urban Studies, Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems and Community Development, and Sociological Inquiry. Currently, she is writing a book called Cultivating the City: Urban Agriculture in Post-Katrina New Orleans, which addresses the major change in agriculture, as well as solutions to combat the urban issues that follow such a transformation.

Randall Amster

Randall Amster is a professor of the Justice and Peace Studies department at Georgetown and the Faculty Coordinator of the Core Pathways initiative. His focus is on environmental justice and environmental peace building through nonviolence. Randall’s publications and research includes topics on political theory, social and environmental justice, climate justice, intersectionality and ecology, community and sustainability, and the justice implications of contemporary technology.

The Crossroads of Climate Change, Health, and Disease


with Laura Anderko, Shweta Bansal, Paul Roepe, Rosemary Sokas

Featured on this week’s episode…

Laura Anderko

Laura Anderko is a former member of the EPA, CHPAC, National Drinking Water Association Committee, and the National Environmental Justice Advisory Committee’s (NEJAC). Currently, she is a member of National Environmental Health Partnership Council (APHA/CDC), the Mid-Atlantic Health Equity Council for the Office of Minority Health (HHS). Laura was honored as a White House Champion in the area of Climate Change and Public Health.

Shweta Bansal

Paul Roepe

Rosemary Sokas

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