Join the conversation around Climate Change outside of the classroom. Hear from faculty, students, staff, and community members on how to engage with the complexity surrounding the problem of Climate Change.

Students starting off on the Core Pathway on Climate Change will have many opportunities to build upon their classroom education by engaging with professors, on-campus clubs, university organizations, and local initiatives. The resources listed below are intended to support students in finding opportunities to engage with the issues of Climate Change outside of the classroom ranging from jobs and internships, to the courses offered next semester related to Climate Change!

Hear from professors, students, invited guests, and more as we discuss relevant information around Climate Change. Be a part of the discussion as well and submit your own blog post to us at corepathways@georgetown.edu!

Three Professors Walk Into a Bar is a podcast series intended to facilitate meaningful conversation around complex global issues. Each week, professors will explore different topics, challenges, and consequences of the global issue and attempt to grapple with some of the complexity. Click to catch up on everything our professors have to say!

The Salon Series welcomes distinguished guests to engage in discussions with Core Pathways students and other in the Georgetown Communisy. Each guest specializes in topics relating to climate change, humanity, and technology. Dinners are kept small and encourage students to bridge the courses’ academic learning with real-world practice.