Humanity and Technology Pathway

humanity and tech

About the Pathway

Started in the Fall of 2019, the Humanity and Technology pathways examines the intersection of ethics, data, artificial intelligence, and human rights in the new digital age.

Technological innovation is accelerating at a rapid pace, and is already having massive effects on how we interact with the world. The integration of technology in our daily lives calls into question what is meant to be human, and how the future will look in the age of robots and machine learning. Today’s students, as tomorrow’s leaders, must be well-versed in the intersections of technology with ethics, science, writing, and history. In the years to come, technology will only play a greater role in our health, relationships, communication, and the boundaries that define the human. This pathway will prepare students to navigate and respond to these emerging paradigms. 

Technology’s effect on all aspects of society will only continue to grow in the coming decades. This pathway will explore the important intersection of technology and humanity from diverse perspectives to give students interdisciplinary knowledge and skills in this area that will only continue to grow and change.

Current Course Offerings