Living in an Unpredictable World

Author: Brooke DeLucia

Caption: I chose this topic and a poem because it is a good way to highlight the emotional aspects of the subject. Many people know about extreme weather events, but I think the best way to encourage them to truly care is to make the subject a bit emotional and touching for them. While I do not want my poem to appear dramatic or over the top, the loss of safety and fearing the next disaster are what I imagine are emotional matters for people who are affected. I think telling the story from a vague point of view instead of mentioning specific people by places or names allows for the audience to picture themselves in this story. I hope all readers are able to consider how extreme weather might affect them. While not all people have been affected by extreme weather already, we are all at risk of being affected by it at some point in our lives. Hopefully understanding that will encourage all to take action about the climate change crisis. We are at a point where we cannot ignore what is happening by pretending it will not affect us. We all need reminders that we should consider how climate change is already affecting people and how it could affect us in the future. There is still time to combat climate change if we all take the issue seriously together.

Tags: Extreme Weather Events

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    2022 Spring Semester, Core Pathways Gallery

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