Our Hopeful Tomorrow

Author: Thomas Rausch

Caption: The effects of climate change on our world. The darkness and current state of our world, and an indirect timeline showing our future successful path back to openness, greenery and a healthy planet – our hopeful tomorrow. My course THEO 074, Disability, Ethics, EcoJustice, had several major focuses on climate change, overpopulation, and its’ connections to disability. One of the topics and concepts that really struck a chord in me during our class was learning about the effects of man-made disasters. Large industry, overcrowded cities, chemical waste, and environmental inequality are all examples of problems created by man, which have led to consequences that are unequally shared by the affected communities. My exhibit shows the negative effects of climate change in correlation with overpopulation and industrialization over the years, and our hopeful path to recreating an open, green, and healthy planet free of man-made destruction and pollution. This man-made destruction is seen as images that are overcrowded, dark, and full, yet empty or free of meaning. While some feel the problems created through these issues are irreversible, however this crowded collage shows the repetition of this disability and our planet’s hopeful path to working with this issue to eventually solve it for the sake of all people.

Tags: Climate Change and Oceans

  • Categories:
    2022 Spring Semester, Core Pathways Gallery

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