Author: Elyza Bruce

Caption: This piece depicts a road in my home town where I often go on walks in order to unwind and be alone with my thoughts. In the class “Disability, Ethics and Eco-Justice”, we discussed the concept of “reverence” as tool to truly appreciate and recognize the beauty of nature. After learning this concept, I found myself taking time to appreciate the nature around me whenever I go on my morning walks. Instead of allowing my mind to wander, I really attempt to be present in the moment and notice how the light hit the leaves, the shadows cast by the trees, the taste of the wind…
As a result of this awareness, I recognized the privilege of having access to natural beauty and places with trees and fresh air. As a result of industrialization, there has been a separation between “civilization” and the “natural world”, and likewise, many communities (POC, disabled and low income communities in particular) lack access to green spaces and true wilderness. A major part of eco-justice is ensuring that all communities have equitable access to natural spaces and are given the opportunity to foster environmental awareness.

Tags: Injustice in Life


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    2022 Spring Semester, Core Pathways Gallery

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