Stripping Away the Beauty

Author: Avantika Willy

Caption: Mount Shasta is one of the many majestic places in California. It is home to beautiful wildlife, adventurous hikes, and incredible views. The lovely aspect about Mount Shasta is that its beauty doesn’t fade regardless of the season. While in the summer, you have luscious grass and flowing waterfalls closer to the ground(pictured to the right), and in the winter, you can see the soft snow blanketing the mountains. Yet this year, the majestic snow-covered slopes have been reduced to a minuscule amount(pictured to the left). Instead, mudflows have taken over. The harsh summer and drought that California underwent caused detrimental effects. Mount Shasta’s lack of snow has consequences that stretch further, such as hastening the melting of mountain glaciers, releasing torrents of mud, flows of volcanic ash, and many more. People must see these changes and understand that what was once their beautiful landmarks are being shifted dramatically due to climate change.

Tags: Climate Change and Oceans


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    2022 Spring Semester, Core Pathways Gallery

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