Cecilia Kang – February 27th

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Cecilia Kang is a national technology correspondent for The New York Times. She writes about regulatory issues, privacy, cybersecurity, antitrust law, and digital currency. Previously, Ms Kang spent ten years at The Washington Post as a senior technology correspondent and began her career in Seoul, South Korea for Dow Jones. She is currently writing a book on Facebook with journalist Sheera Frenkel. 

Optional Relevant Reading:

Delay, Deny, Deflect: How Facebook’s Leaders Fought Through Crisis

Ms. Kang co-authors this in-depth look at the social media giant’s leadership and resistance to regulation. Featuring reporting from more than 50 interviews, the article paints a picture of the power the company holds, and how its executives wield it.

Forthcoming Book on Facebook

To expand on the reporting done for the above NYT article, Ms. Kang will co-author a book on the growth, power, and inner-workings of Facebook. 

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