Mark Chandler – February 6th

Mark Chandler

Mr. Chandler discussed the overlap of ethics, law, and big tech in this third installment of our Core Pathways Salon Series. Core Pathways students and others in the Georgetown community were invited to participate. The guests’ questions guided this open-ended discussion, and free dinner was provided.

Mark Chandler is the Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Chief Compliance Officer for Cisco. He oversees a team of 450 employees around the world, including 230 lawyers, to manage Cisco’s ethics, mergers and acquisitions, contracts, and securities work. Mark is set apart from his peers in his transparency with the firms that Cisco partners with on their legal activities and the budget of his department. He has been at the leading edge of positioning a company’s legal department to manage the next, not just current, phase of company growth, always prioritizing employee engagement and ethics. 

Background Reading

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Mark authored this blog post on Cisco’s website on Cisco’s role in the imperative of promoting human rights through technology

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An interview with Mark about his legal career and experience in job transitions.

Mark Chandler: GC of Cisco on Almost 30 Years as an In-House Lawyer

Mark discusses his role at Cisco and previous companies. 

Report: Cisco’s Human Rights Position Statement

A document detailing Cisco’s ethical position on six key issues related to human rights and technology, including Big Data Analytics and AI.