Special Envoy Todd Stern

Todd Stern

About this Event

Students gathered at the Mortara Center for a conversation over dinner with Special Envoy for Climate Change Todd Stern. He served as the US Special Envoy for Climate Change and negotiated both the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Climate Accord. He now serves as a fellow at the Brookings Institute specializing in climate change policy research.  Special Envoy Stern has a unique vantage point to understand the challenges that climate change poses to policy change, and what the Paris Climate Accord means for the future of our planet. Special Envoy Stern offered remarks and engaged with students on their questions

Background Reading

Stern Prepares for the Paris Climate Talks: February 2014

Read the transcript or listen to the interview between Special Envoy Stern and Greg Dalton on Climate One. Special Envoy Stern discusses the historical context for climate policy negotiation and how he prepared for the 2015 Paris Climate Summit.

What US Withdrawal From Paris Climate Deal Means For a Warming Planet: November 2019

Watch a video or read a transcript of Special Envoy Stern speaking on the PBS News Hour about the importance of the Paris Climate Agreement, and what the US loses by pulling out. He explains that careful and lengthy negotiations created a plan for businesses, governments, and citizens to support and benefit from, and the dangers of stopping the agreement.

How The US Withdrawing From The Paris Climate Agreement Affects Other Countries: November 2019

Listen to the interview or read the transcript of Special Envoy Stern the effects of the Trump Administration’s formal announcement of the US’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement. He explains how other countries are likely to respond to the formal withdrawal in one year from now.

Report: The Paris Agreement and Its Future, October 2018

Special Envoy Stern and the Brookings Institution published a report on the development of the Paris Agreement, its current state, threats, and opportunities.