Cook County and Chicago’s Fight Against Increased Heating and Inland Flooding

Author: Eric Wang

Caption: It is crucial in the onset of rising climate change effects to analyze how increasing natural disasters impact local communities. In this case study of Cook County (which homes Chicago in Illinois), the rising temperatures and increasing climate change have drastically disrupted Cook County’s environment. Thus, by looking at its past damages and concerns with climate change, one can better interpret necessary actions for the future. This essay accomplishes just that: focusing on the climate change crises in Cook County and their effects on the local environment/population and how such areas have responded to the destructions. In light of modern data, the future appears gloomy; however, by taking action and rapidly retaliating against climate change (as seen in the case of Cook County), humanity may still stand a chance.

Tags: Extreme Weather Events

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    2022 Spring Semester, Core Pathways Gallery

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