2017-2018 Core Pathway on Climate Change


The core pathway allows you to fulfill core and elective requirements through an interdisciplinary collection of courses that addresses a complex global challenge. The focus of the first pathway is climate change.

Why Corepathways?


The primacy of climate change as one of the major existential threats of our era calls us to respond to its dangers with urgency and purpose. The core pathway gives you the chance to rise to this challenge together with mentors and peers.


The complexity of climate change invites us to address its causes and consequences through concerted methods of inquiry. This rich collection of interdisciplinary offerings from Environmental Sciences, History, Humanities, Philosophy, and Theology will allow you to do just that.


The core pathway offers you a space to navigate your core and elective requirements with autonomy and flexibility. Fulfill two core requirements; one core requirement and one elective requirement; or two elective requirements.

Each module will be 1.5 credits. Students can take up to four distinct 7-week modules in a single year. In order to ensure engagement with interdisciplinarity, students will take modules from different disciplines in the same semester. By taking two 1.5 credit modules in the same discipline, students will satisfy core requirements. Students may also combine two 1.5 credit modules from different disciplines as a 3-credit interdisciplinary elective and full-course equivalent.

First-Year Students

First-year students entering into the College can complete science and HALC requirements through the 2017-2018 Core Pathway on Climate Change. Freshmen can take Literature and Environmental Crisis with Plants, People, and Climate in the Fall 2017 semester and pair it with Genres of the Anthropocene and Physics of Climate Change in the Spring 2018 semester.

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