I Ka Wā Ma Hope

Author: Zhanelyn Joy Cacho

Caption: This piece is an extension of the article “Postcards from Earth’s climate futures.” The assignment is called “I Ka Wā Ma Hope,” which translates to “through the past is the future,” which alludes to the environmental damage if we do not take climate action. This project is comprised of four different scenes and was set intentionally on Hawai’i as the island state is experiencing biodiversity loss, rising sea level, and warming beyond 1.5 Celsius. The postcard style is also related to Hawai’i as it is often seen as a vacation destination. It highlights the role that tourism and the current development efforts have in accelerating climate change. The postcard design is also compelling as the illustrations are easier to analyze as it is realistic but not as alarming and intense as realistic photographs can be. This will help to avoid climate anxiety while still being thought-provoking. The popular phrases on each postcard are meant to showcase what the state of Hawai’i will look like in the next 50 years if nothing is done to combat climate change and if we continue with our harmful actions. The satirical phrases such as “Wish you were here” and “Paradise of the Pacific” are ironically written on the depictions of environmental destruction. Without climate action, the state of Hawai’i will no longer be a “paradise.” Postcards are also meant to appreciate the destination and capture the natural beauty in real-time. Portraying the scenario of environmental devastation in the coming future is intended to provoke us into thinking about what genuine appreciation means and what actions reflect that.

Tags: Climate Change and Oceans

  • Categories:
    2022 Spring Semester, Core Pathways Gallery

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