Climate Change Complicity

Author: Henry Silver

Current Core Pathway Course: Disability, Ethics, EcoJustice (THEO)

Context: My dormitory at Georgetown University in January 2020

Tags:Community and Collaboration, Crisis Perception and Response, Science and Public Perception, Economics and Corporate Tyranny

This squib, technically submitted as a “Reflection Essay” in fulfillment of an assignment for Climate Change & Global Justice, dilates on the superiority of collective action to individual lifestyle tweaks as part of any popular struggle, including the global crusade against climate change, and on the role of corporate jurisprudence in preventing private, profit-making institutions, totally unaccountable to the public and utterly totalitarian in their structure, from even considering a reduction of their contribution to environmental degradation.
  • Categories:
    Community and Collaboration, Crisis Perception and Response, Economics and Corporate Tyranny, Satirical Piece, Science and Public Perception

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